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Private Nonprofit (PNP) Facility Eligibility
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PNP Organizations
PNP organizations that own or operate facilities that provide certain services of a governmental nature are eligible for assistance. These organizations, their facilities, and their services must meet additional eligibility criteria beyond those that apply to governmental applicants. (See FEMA Policy 9521.3, Private Nonprofit Facility (PNP) Eligibility.)

Qualifying PNPs are those that provide education, medical, custodial care, emergency, utility, certain irrigation facilities, and other essential governmental services. Essential governmental services are:

performing arts facilities;
community arts centers;
community centers;
homeless shelters;
rehabilitation facilities;
senior citizen centers;
shelter workshops; and
health and safety services of a governmental nature, such as:
low-income housing;
alcohol and drug treatment centers;
residences and other facilities offering programs for battered spouses;
facilities offering food programs for the needy; and
daycare centers for children or those individuals with special needs (such as those with Alzheimer's disease, autism, and muscular dystrophy).
With the exception of educational, emergency, medical, and custodial care facilities, an eligible facility is only the location from which the qualifying service is delivered. Eligible PNPs are identified in 44 CFR ยง206.221(e), summarized in the list of PNP Facilities, and further described under PNP Eligible Services.
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