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Permanent Relocation
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Title 44 CFR 206.226(g) authorizes the Regional Director to "approve funding for and require restoration of a destroyed facility at a new location when (i) the facility is and will be subject to repetitive heavy damage; (ii) the approval is not barred by other provisions of Title 44 CFR; and (iii) the overall project, including all costs, is cost effective." When relocation is required by the Regional Director, eligible work includes land acquisition and the construction of ancillary facilities such as roads and utilities, in addition to work normally eligible as part of a facility reconstruction. For relocation to be cost effective the eligible costs associated with relocating the damaged facility must not exceed the cost of the damages (the cost to replace the facility at its original location). Demolition and removal of the old facility may also be an eligible cost if deemed necessary. When relocation is required by the Regional Director, no future funding for repair or replacement of a facility at the original site will be approved, except those facilities which facilitate an open space use in accordance with 44 CFR Part 9.
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