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Trees, Shrubs, and Other Plantings Associated with Facilities
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Trees and Ground Cover. The replacement of trees, shrubs, and other ground cover is not eligible. (See FEMA Policy 9524.5, Trees, Shrubs and Other Plantings Associated with Facilities.) This restriction applies to trees and shrubs in recreational areas, such as parks, as well as trees and shrubs associated with public facilities, such as those located in the median strips along roadways and those used as landscaping for public buildings. This restriction also applies to instances where ground is disturbed due to movement of heavy equipment performing eligible work, such as when repairing underground utilities within landscaped areas.

Grass and sod are eligible only when necessary to stabilize slopes and minimize erosion.

This restriction does not affect removal of tree debris or the removal of trees as an emergency protective measure. FEMA will reimburse for the removal of tree debris and the removal of eligible trees, or buttressing if less costly than removal and disposal, as an emergency protective measure if it eliminates an immediate threat to lives, public health and safety, or improved property. However, FEMA will not pay for further costs or reimburse for the replacement of these trees.
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