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Mold Remediation
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Extensive disaster-related damages may result in public facilities becoming inundated or exposed to wet and humid weather conditions for extended periods of time. The limited availability of repair and restoration contractors may delay clean-up activities. In addition, the disruption of electrical power can inhibit the use of water extraction, pumping and drying electric equipment. As such, the damaged structures and their contents may remain waterlogged until power is restored and remediation can begin. Such water saturation may cause growth and propagation of mold on structures and interior contents, causing health-related problems and increasing the cost of repairs. The following guidance is provided to assist Public Assistance staff and applicants (entities that meet the requirements of 44 CFR 206.222 - State, local governments, Indian tribes or authorized tribal organizations, and certain private non-profits) with the remediation and/or repair of their damaged facilities.
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