Rapid Response Information System - Available Equipment from various government sources
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GSA's Nationwide Inventory of Federal Surplus Property
Surplus Federal property (equipment) is available to eligible organizations through the General Services Administration (GSA), Federal Supply Service (FSS). The FSS maintains the Federal Disposal System (FEDS) that tracks and controls GSA's nationwide inventory of excess and surplus property.

In each State, a State Agency for Surplus Property (SASP) has been designated to assist the States and eligible donees in searching for and obtaining this Federal surplus property. Please contact your SASP to determine (1) if your organization is eligible for this program and (2) what property (equipment) is available.

Commercially Available NBC-Unique Equipment
This section contains information on the advantages and limitations of commercially available CB detection and monitoring equipment and antidote kits. Provision of this list of equipment does not denote FEMA endorsement of either these equipment items or their commercial manufacturers.
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