The Effects of the Media Coverage of the Terrorist Attack on the Community
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Clearly the media plays a critical role in the aftermath of a disaster. The media provides needed information, makes announcements, and gives instructions regarding services that are available to victims and their families. They are a resource for the community at large and can provide a source of hope. However, there may be a negative impact of too much television viewing, especially on children. Although there is little research in this area, adults should monitor their viewing. If you are finding that you feel anxious or stressed after watching a news program, cannot turn off the television or participate in recreational activities, and have trouble sleeping, you may want to consider limiting the amount and type of media coverage that you are viewing. Some strategies that may be useful include limiting viewing just prior to bedtime, reading newspaper and journal articles rather than watching television, and talking to people about the attack as a means of gathering information. Other strategies are suggested in the fact sheet self care and self-help following disasters
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